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DataKick project

Although customizing open source ecommerce solutions is far from my usual work as an front-end freelance developer, I sometimes take these jobs out of curiosity, just to grow my domain knowledge.

As I learned the various open source platforms I realized the astonishing lack of data reporting, analysis, export and import features. I’m very data oriented, and to me it’s beyond imagination to create a business around a platform that doesn’t contains such functionality.

Yet many people did, and as their businesses grew they found out they actually need these features. So they end up with multiple modules each providing only fraction of functionality. There is no unifying element, they have to solve the same problems over and over again, loosing their time and energy.

So I decided to tackle this problem by creating a complete data management platform. Single module that will meet all the data manipulation needs. My goal is to open a new world of possibilities to store owners. To enable them to easily access their data, and use it to make better business decisions and drive more sales.

I chose PrestaShop as a testing platform because I have the most experience with it. But the plan is to port this module to other platforms as well. WooCommerce, Magento, Opencart,… are coming next.

It will take some time to actually create a complete solution. I had to start small with data export feature. But each release I’m adding new and exciting functionality to achieve a master plan.

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