The easiest way to find, edit and export your eCommerce data

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Get in charge of your eCommerce data

Export your catalog, customer or order information in the format you need. Create advanced sales and tax reports. Easily edit your catalog or customer data directly from list. Mass update multiple records at once.

No coding experience required. It just works.

Created to make your life easier

List Editor

Create lists showing any data

  • create lists displaying products, orders or customers
  • filter and format data in exactly the way you need
  • highlight interesting rows
  • export your lists to CSV format for further processing in excel
  • use build-in scheduler to export CSV on regular basis
List Editor

Easily change your data

  • edit your data directly from the list
  • change values of multiple records at once
  • ideal tool to quickly adjust your product quantities, prices or descriptions
XML Builder - preview

Export data to XML format

  • integrate with third-party services using XML format
  • easiest way to get your data to google or facebook
  • export any data, including products, customers or orders
  • use scheduler to periodically export XML files
Custom fields

Track more information

  • store more information about your customers or products in custom fields


Datakick is one of the most useful modules/plugins I have ever used, and if you are managing multiple websites with thousands of products this is the tool you need Sebi Deka,

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