Generate XML data feeds

provide your data to google of Facebook


I need to export catalog data to facebook and google


Data feeds are data files that you provide to third party services or your affiliates. Most commonly they contain information about your products, but other data can be exported as well.

Data feeds are used to provide data to:

Data feed files should be kept in sync with your store database as much as possible. Some services (ie. product availability feed) requires completely up‑to‑date data. Other will be satisfied with few hours stale data.


DataKick contains flexible XML Template builder that can be used to create any XML file. If you prefer CSV format there is an excellent List Builder.

You can base your feed on any one of the supported data collections.

Powerful expressions system and build-in functions will allow you to get the data out in exactly the right format.

You can generate feed on the fly by assigning unique url. Data exposed via this endpoint will be always up-to-date with your database. Additionally you can use passed url parameters to control xml feed generation process.

You can also create scheduled task to generate your feed files on regular basis - you can choose any frequency you need. Files can be stored on your webserver, uploaded to external FTP server or to Amazon S3 bucket. This option will reduce the stress on your webserver as well as increase response time when accessing feeds.

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