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I want to import products to my prestashop

I’m sure you will agree that adding products to prestashop is pain. It is slow and tiresome process, and it’s also very prone to human errors.

Average person can create one product every 5 minutes. And that’s just fine, if you need to add or update few products every month. But sometimes you have hundreds or thousands of products you would like to add to your store:

Can you imagine spending entire days adding product after product?

Well, that’s nonsense. Fortunately prestashop has build-in CSV import functionality you can use to import products. Sometimes this can be good enough solution for this problem. But unfortunately it’s not very flexible and has some limitations.

What if your supplier gave you the inventory data in XML format? What if you want to filter input data, for example import only products from certain category? Or adjust data during import, say to add your profit margin to product price?


DataKick has very powerful import functionality to import not only products, but almost any supported record type. You can use this feature to:

And more importantly, it’s all very user friendly. Our wizard will guide you through every step of the process, hinting and suggesting the right path.

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