Inline editing

Edit your data directly from lists

Detail lists can be used for more than just finding and exporting data. You can also use them to directly change your data.

Note that you can’t edit summary lists because they display aggregated data such as average number of products in orders.

Switching to edit mode

To enable editing, open list sidebar, and click on Edit Values panel. You will see list of all editable columns. Select columns that you want to edit, and than click inside your list and start modifying the data.

Inline editing

Changed values are highlighted - green color indicates that value has been changed, red color means you have entered invalid value (for example you have entered non-numerical value to numerical column)

Batching updates

For performance and security reasons, individual changes are not applied immediately. We use batching model instead. Every edit is added to a pending changes batch. This batch can be submitted as a whole, or you can choose to revert the changes.

You will find basic information about batch in Edit Values panel. Note that number of changes displayed here doesn’t have to correspond with number of highlighted cells in list. This discrepancies can be caused, for example, by navigating to different list page, or by changing list parameters and refreshing the list.

Editable columns

Unfortunately not all columns are editable. Generally, list column can be based on any expression, for example + ': ' + Obviously, editing such column isn’t possible, as it is a projection of two column. Another example is column with expression now(). This column always contain current date, and this information is not stored in any database table.

In order for column to be editable it must meet following conditions:

  1. column is based on simple field expression, for example or category.description
  2. field used in field expression must be editable
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