About DataKick

what is DataKick and how can it help you

DataKick is very powerful PrestaShop module that let you access and work with all your data in the most user friendly way possible. Access data you didn’t even know you own. Analyze them and use them to drive more sales. Integrate your website with various third party services. Or easily edit your data in bulk. These are just a few things datakick can do for you:

Data export

This module was initially created as an data export tool. Although it can do much more now, the export functionality is still the most important part. You can:

  • create lists - prepare tabular view of your data, for example list of customers, products or orders.
  • create XML files - XML files are ideal, and often the only possible way to integrate with other services. Example use case is XML feed to upload data to Google Merchant Center
  • assign custom url to your lists or XML templates to expose them to the world. Whenever someone opens this url, fresh XML / CSV file is generated and presented to the visitor.
  • periodically pre-generate XML or CSV files on your server
  • manually trigger data export and download XML or CSV files to your computer

DataKick is extremely flexible when it comes to output formatting. This is very important for seamless integration with external services. You can generate data exactly in the required format.

Do you need to edit your data?

Data export is cool, but datakick can do more. You can use it to edit and modify your data as well. There are actually two ways you can do it:

  • you can edit your data directly in your lists - this is the fasted way to manually adjust values of multiple records, one by one
  • or, you can change multiple records at onces using our Mass Update functionality. Do you need to change pricing of your products? Do you want to disable all products created by certain manufacturer? This is the tool you will need.

Store more information

Sometimes the data that can be stored inside your eCommerce platform aren’t enough to support your business model.

Do you want to track twitter nickname of your customers? Or maybe you need some extra pick-and-pack information on your orders to streamline your fulfillemnt process.

With datakick it’s just a click away - with our customization feature you can extend any record type and create any number of fields. Once created, you can immediately use these fields from your backoffice, or directly from datakick application.

We support many record types

DataKick support wide range of record types you can work with. You can base your lists or xml files on customers, products, orders, or even combination data.

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