Import definition

how to import data to your store

Data import can be very complicated task. But don’t worry - we do our best to hide all this complexity behind nice and friendly looking process


Step-by-step Wizard

When you create an import definition, you will go through a multi-step wizard. At each step you will be focused only on one small part of the puzzle.

  1. first you have decide what data you want to import and where - what is the destination record type?
  2. then you will tell us how to import data. Do you want to insert or update records?
  3. now you need to map data from XML file to fields in destination record type. For example, you need to tell us what node contains product name.
  4. this is an optional step - import related records. For example, you might want to import images together with products
  5. And that’s it - now you can run the import and validate the result. If anything went wrong, than rinse and repeat.

Remember - datakick will guide you at every step. We will use our knowledge of datasource structure to help you choose the best option. And if you are lost, you can always contact our support and we will gladly help.

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