Permissions & Restrictions

How datakick module handles permissions and data restrictions

DataKick module is very powerful tool that let you extract and modify almost any data in your store. It’s designed for system administrators and ecommerce owners to let them easily access any information they need.

However, it may be useful tool for your other employees as well. But of course we need a way to restrict your employees to have access to some data only.

Fortunately DataKick has build-in permissions and restrictions capabilities that let you do that.


Permissions will let you define what record types user have access to. You have to set access level

  • view - user can read the data, export them via lists, xml templates etc
  • create - user can create new records
  • edit - user can modify existing records
  • delete - user can delete records


While permissions grant access to the whole record types, restrictions can be used to select subset of records user can work with.

Typical example of restriction is a Shop restriction - if you run multistore, you might want to restrict you employee to see one shop only.

There can be many restriction types that can work simultaneously. For example, you can restrict your employee to see only records associated with given Category and Manufacturer.

Each restriction type have two settings - one for read operations and another for write operations. This is useful if you want to forbid your employees to modify some records but you still want them to see it. For example, your employee can access all products, but he can edit only products within category.

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