Upgrading module

how to upgrade module to new version

DataKick module creates few database tables to store configuration, templates and usage statistics. All these tables are completely removed from the database when the module is uninstalled. The same applies for module reset.

If you want to upgrade to the new version of module, don’t uninstall the previous version. All your data would be lost.

New version of DataKick module may contain database schema changes. Fortunately DataKick comes with a built-in migration manager, that can automatically detect old version of database schema, and perform incremental database update. This feature makes upgrade process extremely easy

Module upgrade process

  1. download latest version of module
  2. log in to your PrestaShop and open Modules page
  3. upload zip file with module. Perform ONLY upload - do not uninstall / reset the module
  4. open Advanced Parameters > Performance and clear cache
  5. open DataKick - datakick database tables will be migrated to newest version.

If you encounter any error or issue during the upgrade process, please inform us by sending email to support@getdatakick.com. We will provide you with support to make sure none of your data is lost.

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