Installing module

how to install DataKick module

Module requirements

  • DataKick module is compatible with PrestaShop version and newer
  • your webserver must run on PHP 5.4 or newer. Older version are not supported and will cause errors

Installation process

DataKick module uses standard PrestaShop installation procedure

  1. download latest version of module
  2. log in to your PrestaShop and open Modules page
  3. upload zip file with module
  4. click install module
  5. at this time module is ready for use. Make sure to configure it properly

You can uninstall or reset DataKick module at any time. Be careful though - these operations will delete all DataKick data from a database.

When new version of DataKick module is released please follow upgrade steps to ensure no data are lost in the process.

installation datakick module

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