create flat lists and export them to CSV format

Lists are extremely powerful feature that let you access your data in tabular format - flat data.

You can use lists to search, view, and edit your data directly from your back office. You can also export your data out of the system into CSV format, which can be opened by Microsoft Excel or any other tools.

List view

List types

There are two types of list in DataKick - detail and summary.

Detail lists can be used to show individual records, such as orders or customers. Every record is displayed in its own row, and you can edit any editable columns.

Summary lists show aggregated data instead of individual records. You can choose by what columns you want to group your data. Summary lists can be used to create reports, such as Sales by customer or Average number of products ordered by country.


Every list must be based on some data collection called base collection. You can optionally join in any other collection that has link (relationship) to this base collection. This let you display related data from multiple collections in one table - for example order information together with customer data.

Filtering and Highlighting

You list doesn’t need to show all data. You can apply filters to show only limited subset of your data. For example, to display only products that has quantity below some threshold.

Sometimes filtering can be too restrictive - you would like to show all data, but visually distinguish between some groups. That’s what highlighting is for. Highlighting let you apply special visual style to rows that meets some condition. This allow you to change text or background color, or text style.

List builder

This all sounds quite complicated, but you will find very easy to prepare your own lists with our List Builder

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