Collection of customers


Field alias Description Data type Editable
active is enabled boolean yes
allowOutstanding allowed outstanding amount currency yes
ape APE string yes
birthday birthday datetime yes
canWrite write permission boolean
company company string yes
created date created datetime yes
defaultGroupId default group id number yes
deleted is deleted boolean yes
email email string yes
firstname first name string yes
fullname name string
gender gender string yes
id id number
lastVisit last visit datetime
lastname last name string yes
newsletter newsletter boolean yes
optIn Opt-in boolean yes
password password string yes
paymentDays max payment days number yes
risk risk string
riskPercent risk % number
shop shop string
shopId shop id number
siret SIRET string yes
title title string
updated date updated datetime yes
website website string yes

Common expressions

Expression Description Data type
floor(dateDiff(now(), customer.birthday) / 365) age number


Relationship Relationshiop description
Has many addresses Addresses
Has many carts Carts
Has one customer group Default group
Has many and belongs to customer groups Customer groups
Has many invoices Invoices
Has many orders Orders
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