Collection of placed orders


Field alias Description Data type Editable
canWrite write permission boolean
carrierId carrier id number
cartId cart id number
conversionRate conversion rate number
created date created datetime
currencyId currency id number
customer customer string
customerId customer id number
deliveryAddressId delivery address id number
deliveryDate delivery date datetime
deliveryNumber delivery number number
description order description string
gift gift wrapping boolean yes
giftMessage gift message string yes
id id number
invoiceAddressId invoice address id number
invoiceDate invoice date datetime
invoiceNumber invoice number number
payment payment type string yes
recyclable use recycled packaging boolean yes
reference reference string yes
secureKey secure key string yes
shop shop string
shopId shop id number
status status string
statusId current status id number yes
total total currency
totalDiscounts total discounts currency
totalDiscountsWithoutTax total discounts tax excl. currency
totalPaid total paid currency
totalProducts total products currency
totalProductsWithoutTax total products tax excl. currency
totalShipping total shipping currency
totalShippingWithoutTax total shipping tax excl. currency
totalWithoutTax total tax excl. currency
totalWrapping total wrapping currency
totalWrappingWithoutTax total wrapping tax excl. currency
trackingNumber tracking number string yes
updated date updated datetime
validated is validated boolean yes

Common expressions

Expression Description Data type
order.deliveryAddressId = order.invoiceAddressId same invoice and delivery address boolean
toCurrency(toNumber(order.total) / order.conversionRate, <param:defaultCurrency>) total [shop currency] currency


Relationship Relationshiop description
Has one address Delivery address
Has one address Invoice address
Has one carrier Used carrier
Has one cart Cart
Has one currency Used currency
Has one customer Customer
Has many invoices Invoices
Has many ordered products Ordered products
Has many payments Payments
Has many stock movements Stock movements
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