Collection containing all shipping carriers


Field alias Description Data type Editable
active is enabled boolean yes
addHandlingCosts add handling costs boolean yes
canWrite write permission boolean
deleted is deleted boolean
disableOutOfRange disable when out of range boolean yes
freeShipping free shipping boolean yes
grade speed grade number yes
id version id number
maxDepth max depth number yes
maxHeight max height number yes
maxWeight max weight number yes
maxWidth max width number yes
method billing method string
name name string yes
position position number yes
referenceId id number
shopId shop id number
transitTime transit time string yes
url tracking url string yes
version settings version id number


Relationship Relationshiop description
Has many carts Carts
Has many and belongs to customer groups Customer groups
Has many orders Orders
Has many and belongs to products Assigned products
Has many and belongs to products Products
Has many and belongs to warehouses Warehouses
Has many and belongs to zones Zones
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