Collection of all products


Field alias Description Data type Editable
active is enabled boolean yes
additionalShippingCost additional shipping cost number yes
allowOrder can be ordered boolean
allowOrderOutOfStock can order if out of stock boolean
availabilityDate availability date datetime yes
availableForOrder available for order boolean yes
basePrice base price currency yes
canWrite write permission boolean
categories categories (x,y,z...) array[string]
categoryId default category number yes
condition condition string yes
created date created datetime yes
description description string yes
ean13 EAN 13/JAN Barcode string yes
ecotax ecotax currency yes
features features (x,y,z...) array[string]
friendlyUrl friendly URL string yes
hasCombinations has combinations boolean
id id number
imageId default image number
indexed is indexed boolean yes
isCustomizable can be customized boolean
isPack is pack boolean
isVirtual is virtual boolean yes
isbn ISBN string
longDescription long description string yes
manufacturerId default manufacturer number yes
metaDescription meta description string yes
metaKeywords meta keywords array[string]
metaTitle meta title string yes
minOrderQuantity minimum order quantity number yes
name name string yes
onSale on sale boolean yes
onlineOnly online only boolean yes
outOfStockBehaviour Out of stock behaviour string yes
packageDepth package depth number yes
packageHeight package height number yes
packageWeight package weight number yes
packageWidth package width number yes
quantity quantity number yes
redirectType redirection type string yes
redirectedToProduct redirected to product id string
reference reference string yes
requiresCustomization customization is required boolean
shopId shop id number
showInCatalog show in catalog boolean
showInSearch show in search boolean
showPrice show price boolean yes
supplierId default supplier number yes
supplierReference default supplier reference string
tags tags (x,y,z...) array[string]
taxRuleId tax rule id number yes
textBackorder text displayed when not in stock string yes
textInStock text displayed when in stock string yes
unit unit string yes
unitPriceRatio unit price ratio number yes
upcCode UPC code string yes
updated date updated datetime yes
visibility visibility string yes
wholesalePrice wholesale price currency yes

Common expressions

Expression Description Data type
clean(product.description) description string
productImage(product.imageId, product.friendlyUrl) image string
join(productImages(, ', ') images (x,y,z...) string
clean(product.longDescription) long description string
productPrice(, 0, false) price tax excl. currency
productPrice(, 0, true) price tax incl. currency
if(product.isPack, "pack", if(product.isVirtual, "virtual", "standard")) type string
productPrice(, 0, false) / product.unitPriceRatio unit price tax excl. currency
productPrice(, 0, true) / product.unitPriceRatio unit price tax incl. currency
productUrl( url string


Relationship Relationshiop description
Has many and belongs to attachments Attachments
Has many and belongs to carriers Assigned carriers
Has many and belongs to carriers Available carriers
Has many and belongs to carts Carts
Has many and belongs to categories Product categories
Belongs to category Product default category
Has many combinations Combinations
Has many and belongs to feature values Features
Has many images Product images
Has one manufacturer Product manufacturer
Has many ordered products Ordered
Has many and belongs to products Accessories
Has many stock Warehouse stocks
Has many and belongs to suppliers Product suppliers
Has many supply order details Supply Order Detail
Has many and belongs to tags Tags
Belongs to tax rule Tax Rule
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