Supply Orders

Collection of supply orders and supply order templates


Field alias Description Data type Editable
canWrite write permission boolean
closed is closed boolean
created date created datetime
currencyId currency id number
delivered stock delivered boolean
deliveryDate expected delivery date datetime yes
discountRate discount rate % number yes
editable is editable boolean
id id number
language order language string
languageId language id number
pendingDelivery pending delivery boolean
reference reference string yes
supplier supplier string
supplierId supplier id number
template is template boolean yes
total total currency
totalTax total tax currency
totalWithDiscount total with discount currency
totalWithTax total with tax currency
updated date updated datetime yes
warehouseId warehouse id number

Common expressions

Expression Description Data type
supplyOrder.delivered && not(supplyOrder.pendingDelivery) delivered in full boolean
supplyOrder.delivered && supplyOrder.pendingDelivery partially delivered boolean


Relationship Relationshiop description
Belongs to currency Currency
Belongs to language Language
Belongs to supplier Supplier
Has many supply order details Ordered products
Belongs to warehouse Warehouse
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