Additional modules

additional modules that seamlessly integrates with DataKick

Revws - Product Reviews

Free product reviews module for prestashop and thirtybees platforms

Conseqs - Automate Your Shop

Actions have consequences. And this module will allow you to define what to do when something interesting happens in your prestashop. For example, send email when new order is created

Price Alert - Follow The Pricep

This prestashop module will notify your customers when price of product they are interested in changes

Blackhole For Bad Bots

Automagically ban bad bots who don't follow robots.txt instruction

Conseqs - Automate Your Shop

This free module allows you to log into your frontend as your customer.

Chex - One Page Checkout

Chex - Checkout Experience is One Page Checkout module for prestashop 1.6 and thirtybees platform. This module tries to simplify the checkout flow

Advanced Debug Mode

Advanced Debug Mode module for PrestaShop 1.6 / thirtybees platforms

CloudFlare GeoIP

This simple module uses CloudFlare GeoIP headers to set customer's country and currency

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