function, since version 1.0.0
categories: conditionals

decode(subject, v1, r1, v2, r2, …, defaultValue)

This is another variadic function - it can receive multiple input parameters. The first parameter subject is followed by (possibly multiple) pairs of value-return. Then there’s the last parameter defaultValue

The function works as a simple decision making table. If subject equals v1, then r1 is returned. Else, if subject equals v2, then r2 is returned. If subject doesn’t match any v* parameters, defaultValue is returned. It basically works as series of if-else statements.


return type:

the same type as defaultValue parameter


decode(1, 0, 'zero', 1, 'one', 2, 'two', 'too much')
decode(0, 0, 'zero', 1, 'one', 2, 'two', 'too much')
decode(5, 0, 'zero', 1, 'one', 2, 'two', 'too much')


too much

real life example

decode(p.quantity, 0, 'not in stock', 1, 'last', 2, 'in stock')

~~~ is equivalent to ~~~

if(p.quantity = 0, 'not in stock', if(p.quantity = 1, 'last', 'in stock'))

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