Email templates

transform your list result into a series of emails

This is a candidate feature. Please vote here if you would like to see this in next version of the module


send multiple emails based on list results


With this feature you can transform any list result into a series of personalized emails.

You will simply create a list that will provide you with (any) data. The only requirement is that one column contains a valid email address.

Then you will create a nice looking email template using WYSIWYG editor. You will be able to use any column from list inside the template.

Once your email template is ready you can use it to send emails. Every row in the list will generate an email based on its data.

Use cases

Obvious use case is to send personalized promotions to your customers.

You can use it as an ad-hoc marketing tool - create a list of customers that would benefit from some specific offer and send them nice looking email

Or you can use it to build automated flows, for example abandoned cart reminder functionality.

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