Free version discontinued

major version 2.0.0, relase date 2017-08-24

This release represents the major crossroads in DataKick development. From now on, DataKick is no longer free.

Here’s why

From the very beginning I wanted to use datakick to test a different monetization approach. You all know how it works in prestashop world. Developers usually create two versions of the same module, free and paid one. Free version is stripped of the most important functionality.

Merchants can test only the free version. Even if they are satisfied, they can’t really know for sure that paid version will meet their expectations as well.

I personally hate this. I don’t think it’s fair to merchants. They should have the chance to test the product before purchasing it.

So I came with different approach - I offered DataKick for free. All the features included, nothing hidden. You could use every functionality for free as long as you didn’t reach free quota - say you can have only 2 xml templates.

Well, to be frank, that didn’t work very well. People really like the module, I have hundreds new installations each month. They also use it quite regularly, many of them even maxed out the free quota. But almost no one converted to paying customer.

I can’t afford this, unfortunately. So I decided to change the offering.

New pricing schema

From today, datakick is paid module only. I still believe that merchants should have the option to try and evaluate all the features before purchasing the license, so I added a 14-day free trial period.

There is also a new developer license - if you are running your prestashop on localhost, the trial period is extended to 5 years.

What about the future of module?

Don’t worry, this does’t change my future plans at all. I still want to extend this module by adding new functionalities regularly.

How does this affect existing users?

If you have installed datakick before this announcement then nothing changes for you. Your copy of module will continue to work under free-module license. You can’t, however, upgrade the module to version 2.0.0 or newer.

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