Collection of your PrestaShop users


Field alias Description Data type Editable
canWrite write permission boolean
defaultTabId default tab id number
email email string yes
enabled is enabled boolean yes
firstname first name string yes
id id number
languageId language id number yes
lastSeen last seen datetime
lastname last name string yes
menuOrientation menu orientation string yes
password password [hashed] string yes
passwordChanged password changed datetime yes
roleId role id number
theme back office theme string yes

Common expressions

Expression Description Data type
employee.firstname + " " + employee.lastname name string


Relationship Relationshiop description
Has many endpoints Endpoints
Has many executions Executions
Has many import datasources Import Datasources
Has one language Default language
Has many lists Lists
Has many mass updates Mass Updates
Belongs to role Role
Has many schedules Scheduled tasks
Has many stock movements Stock movements
Has many warehouses Warehouse manager
Has many xml templates XML Templates
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