Data import

import data from XML and CSV files

This feature has been implemented in release 2.1.0


automatically update your store data


This feature will allow you to easily import data to your PrestaShop. You can use this functionality to update your catalog data, import customers and orders, or even populate custom records (for example precious metal commodities price list)

You will be able to preprocess input data - you can filter out data data you don’t need, format and transform data values, provide defaults for missing values,…

There will be two import modes

Use cases

Main use case is catalog data update. You can use this feature to keep you catalog data in sync with your suppliers, yet maintain a customized names and descriptions.

Another use case is to import data from you other selling channels - import customer and orders data from amazon, etsy etc. Your PrestaShop can be a single point of truth - one place to track inventory, orders and customers.

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