Data Exposure - Advanced Stock Management

minor version 1.5.4, relase date 2017-07-25

This release added support for Prestashop’s Advanced Stock Management feature.

You can now access information about your warehouses, stock and stock movements. Also you can also work with supply orders, including order details

Advanced Stock Management deprecation

As you may know, Advanced Stock Management feature has been deprecated for a long time, and now it’s not even part of prestashop 1.7.

However, there are still many 1.6 users that depends on this feature. It’s actually one of the main reason why so many merchants don’t want to upgrade to 1.7 release.

We initially didn’t plan to add support for this feature into datakick module, as we thought this feature is dead. But with the advent of thirtybees platform it seems this important functionality will prevail. And we hope datakick can help a bit.

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