Collection of all product combinations


Field alias Description Data type Editable
active is enabled boolean
allowOrder can be ordered boolean
attributeNames attribute names array[string]
attributeValues attribute values array[string]
availabilityDate availability date datetime yes
canWrite write permission boolean
categoryId product category id number
condition condition string
ean13 EAN 13/JAN Barcode string yes
ecotax ecotax currency yes
id id number
imageId image id number
isDefault is default boolean yes
isbn product ISBN string
manufacturerId default manufacturer id number
minOrderQuantity minimum order quantity number yes
name name string
packageDepth package depth number
packageHeight package height number
packageWeight package weight number
packageWidth package width number
priceImpact impact on price currency yes
productBasePrice product base price currency
productCoverImageId product cover image id number
productDescription description string
productEan13 product EAN 13/JAN Barcode string
productFriendlyUrl friendly URL string
productId product id number yes
productLongDescription long description string
productName product name string
productReference product reference string
productUpcCode product EAN 13/JAN Barcode string
quantity quantity number yes
reference reference string yes
shopId shop id number
supplierId default supplier id number
supplierReference default supplier reference string
taxRuleId tax rule id number
unitPriceImpact impact on unit price currency yes
upcCode UPC code string yes
visibility visibility string
weightImpact impact on weight number yes
wholesalePrice wholesale price currency yes

Common expressions

Expression Description Data type
combination.productBasePrice + combination.priceImpact base price currency
(combination.productName + ': ' + full name string
productImage(coalesce(combination.imageId, combination.productCoverImageId), combination.productFriendlyUrl) image string
join(productImages(combination.productId, -1,, ', ') images (x,y,z...) string
productPrice(combination.productId,, false) price tax excl. currency
productPrice(combination.productId,, true) price tax incl. currency
clean(combination.productDescription) description string
clean(combination.productLongDescription) long description string
productUrl(combination.productId, url string


Relationship Relationshiop description
Has many and belongs to attribute values Attributes
Has many and belongs to carts Carts
Has many and belongs to categories Combination categories
Belongs to category Combination default category
Has many and belongs to feature values Features
Has many and belongs to images Combination images
Belongs to manufacturer Combination manufacturer
Has many ordered products Ordered
Belongs to product Product
Has many stock Warehouse stocks
Has many and belongs to suppliers Combination suppliers
Has many supply order details Supply Order Detail
Has many and belongs to tags Tags
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