Field alias Description Data type Editable
canWrite write permission boolean
created date created datetime
customerId customer id number
deliveryDate delivery date datetime
deliveryNumber delivery number number
id id number
note note string
number number number
orderId order id number
shopAddress shop address string
shopId shop id number
total total currency
totalDiscount total discounts currency
totalDiscountWithoutTax total discounts tax excl. currency
totalProducts total products currency
totalProductsWithoutTax total products tax excl. currency
totalShipping total shipping currency
totalShippingWithoutTax total shipping tax excl. currency
totalWithoutTax total tax excl. currency
totalWrapping total wrapping currency
totalWrappingWithoutTax total wrapping tax excl. currency


Relationship Relationshiop description
Has one customer Customer
Belongs to order Order
Has many and belongs to payments Payments
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