Use Cases

what are the most common use cases for DataKick module?

There are many problems merchants face in modern world. Your e-commerce website has to be integrated with numerous third party services. You need flexible tool to analyse your shop data in order to make the right decisions. Your have to keep your stock in sync with your suppliers. It can be overwhelming.

Why not automate these repetitive tasks and save significant amount of your time, and ensuring the smooth run of your website? That’s what DataKick can do for you.

Explore below what you can do with this module.

Import data

quickly import data to your prestashop

Generate XML data feeds

provide your data to google of Facebook

Synchronize prestashop data to ERP systems

export your orders and customers to your accounting software

Keep your inventory in sync with your dropshipping supplier

automatically update your shop data using external data feeds

Advanced reporting

create sales, tax or inventory reports

Mass-update your data

adjust price of multiple products or replace text in their descriptions,...

Tracking additional informations

track more data about your products, customers or orders

Automatically backup your prestashop data

set up automatic database backup and never loose your data

Update your privacy settings