Permissions & Restrictions

major version 1.5.0, relase date 2017-06-23

This release does not bring you many new and exciting features. Instead, it focus on chores.

Permissions and Restrictions

We have neglected for a long time a multi-user installations. Although this module is intended for power user, we are sure that your employees can benefit from it as well. Because it is so powerful we needed a way to restrict your employees to access certain data only.

With our new permissions and restrictions support you can safely let your employees use this module without fear of accidentally leaking sensitive information about your business.

New task types

To spice up this release a bit, we have also added support for some common prestashop tasks. Newly you can use datakick to trigger these tasks:

You can run these tasks on regular basis as a scheduled task, associate endpoint url, or even execute them manually whenever you need.

Database backup task supports places, which means you can store your backup file anywhere on your webserver, or t can be automatically uploaded to your external FTP.

execute task

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